Every two or three years I feel inspired to write a poem, and sometimes I think I may have written one that might be worth reading.

Here are all three of them…

The Woman

Once, as I was looking out the window, I saw a woman passing by walking her dog.
Her husband or boyfriend or whatever was following not too far behind.
His leash, however, was invisible.

The Broken Window

I’ve got a family of stray cats living in my basement
They sneak in through the broken window
I guess it’s okay since they kill all the rats
Although, I think the cats are more bothersome than the rats
My Asian neighbours eat cats
Maybe I can make some money here
And fix that broken window


I remember well the day you handed me the boy
You smiled complacently and gave me your weight

Now you are as light as a feather, and you still wonder why
But you neglected to follow the far reaching arm, didn’t you

No matter, I have done a good thing; though you can’t see it
Perhaps your son will bring you salvation one day

I can still see his wide eyes staring up at me
He was so open, and so looking to be filled

I filled him with a wisdom that is beyond your comprehension
I gave him a knowledge that is so wonderful, he’ll never let go of it

I loved him with an unnatural love, naturally, since he was not mine
But I would have died for him from the very first day

He is happy now, and strong; a foundation for many futures
The change around him has already begun

But you are even now in ruins, decaying
Perhaps your son will bring you salvation one day