Generous Justice (Video)

Tim Keller is one of my favorite preachers. He is very gifted at taking the gospel (the person and work of Jesus Christ) and applying it to everyday life–without turning it into another “to-do” list or guilt-trip. He also blows out of the water the whole stereotypical view that Christians are just a bunch of unintelligent, narrow minded, right wing, gun-nuts. And he cares a lot about social justice.

He’s written a book on justice called “Generous Justice”. As one who works in a very poor country, I am interested to read it, but I haven’t got my hands on it yet (it’s often hard to find a good selection of English books in Asia)…I’ll get it soon enough.

Below is a 30 minute video where Keller speaks the same message he writes in the book…

Generous Justice from The Gospel Coalition on Vimeo.