What is Atheism?

Atheism is as much a part of Christianity as those bracelets sold in Christian bookstores which say WWJD on them.

Atheism is a system of thought which can not be sustained in and of itself. It is entirely reactionary.

If Christianity were to disappear, so would Atheism.

Atheists say they would like nothing more than for Christianity to disappear. I disagree.

A true unbeliever is someone who has successfully cast off any notion of God in his life and has moved on to new things. He doesn’t keep coming back to God over and over again. He’s done.

An Atheist continuously fights against a God he says doesn’t exist. He keeps coming back again and again to God. Why? Because he has unsuccessfully cast off his belief in God.

An Atheist is one who is in the tragic position of being trapped as a believer rebelling against his own beliefs.