New Blog

Hello everyone. I’ve started up a new blog as my Cambodian internet provider has allegedly been ordered by the Cambodian government to block all of the “blogspot” blogs. You can still view the blog outside of Cambodia, but not in Cambodia. Not all Cambodian internet providers are blocking “blogspot”, but ours is. So I’m using this as an excuse to try out this other blogging website.

The reason they are blocking “blogspot” is because one blog is a Cambodian news blog (KI Media) which is critical of the Cambodian government. Here are a couple of news stories talking about the block of “blogspot”: The Phnom Penh Post; e*KHMER News.

You can still link to my old blog for older posts, but I am going to put all our new posts on this new blog from now on. I think I like the format of this new blogger website anyways…


One response to “New Blog

  1. Harley and Makara
    It is wonderful to get updates on what is happening on the other side of the world, and how God is providing for you. Keep up the amazing work!

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