Canada Votes

I’ve noticed that Liberals often use the fear of dictatorship as a means of turning people away from a Conservative vote.
They accuse the Conservatives of destroying Canada’s democratic system, and of turning Canada into some kind of dictatorship. I don’t deny the fact that maybe they’re right! Maybe Canada is slowly changing into a dictatorship under the Conservative government. But, the question I then have to ask is:

If the current state of the Canadian public is such that it is indeed possible for a Conservative government to successfully create a Canadian dictatorship, then is it not also possible for a Liberal government to create a Canadian dictatorship with equal success?–My point being that ultimately it does not matter what party is in power. What matters is the current culture/belief systems/mind sets of the Canadian people. If the Canadian people were to always be a people who feared the one true God, respected law and authority (which comes from God), showed true love for each other (which the ability to do so comes only from God), and stayed highly educated with truth (truth comes only from God), then there would be no need for anyone to be afraid of Canada becoming a dictatorship.

Take 8 minutes to listen to this audio where Dr. R.C. Sproul talks about Montesquieu’s study of Western governments. Dictatorship, Monarchy, or Democracy?

Dictatorship Monarchy and Democracy from harleyandmakara on Vimeo.

**By the way…the Kingdom of Heaven is not a democracy or a dictatorship…it’s a monarchy.**