Cambodian Youth Meeting~June 4, 2011

Makara and I had the privilege of hosting a youth meeting on Saturday at our home. With the help of our good friend Pip Miner, we were able to spend a great time with some Cambodian youth. We taught about the true purpose of the law, and how it was never meant to save us, but rather, show us our need for a Savior. Here are some photos of the meeting…

Voutee and Pbow performing a skit

Voutee covered his face with mud to represent his sin, while Pbow showed him a mirror to represent the law

Pip Teaching

3 responses to “Cambodian Youth Meeting~June 4, 2011

  1. Wow … looks like everyone was having a great time and growing and learning and just having fun. I pray that God will give you more creative ideas for these youth as they continue to grow and learn about the things of the Lord and life and love.

    Good to see Pip involved as well. I hope all the sports are going well.

    Nice house … Pastor Carin in Canada

  2. Hey guys!! Looks like a powerful youth meeting!!! That is awesome!! Good to see some familiar faces attending the meeting!! Praise God!! Awesome that Pip and you guys are working together Harley. May God anoint you as share the good news with the youth in Poipet!!

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