Unity and Missions

Apparently there are over 30 000 Christian Protestant denominations in the world today.

Picture Courtesy of Wikipedia

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It’s not necessarily a bad thing that there are different denominations. Everybody needs to have a place where they can believe in Jesus. Some prefer a more traditional setting, while others want to let loose a little, or a lot.

In fact, this shows how diverse we really are, and how strongly we will follow our own convictions.

In Cambodia there are many different Christian groups at work. Each group is doing its part in fulfilling the Great Commission. Together we can all be Missional Christians. While still maintaining our different denominations and affiliations, we can work together to finish the job that Jesus gave us to do.

We can learn from each other, join in projects together, fill in the empty spaces that each of us has for each other, and we can be stronger together. In one of my previous posts (Finishing the Mission), I quoted from John Piper. In that quote he speaks to the need of waking up to the fact that there is a global mission already happening, and we need to learn to work together in that mission.

John Piper is one of the most inspiring preachers out there. I don’t think there is another preacher who has encouraged me more to work in missions.

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