Shall I do a Blog Post About Shaving? Yes, Yes I Shall

It’s Saturday, and so my day off. My wife is out visiting her relatives from out of town, and I am looking over my latest purchase: a straight edge razor. It’s just a cheap one I bought here in Poipet. I find the replacement blades for the Gillette type razors are just too expensive. Meanwhile you can pick up 30 of the old style razor blades for $1. The type of straight edge razor I bought allows you to remove dull blades and put in new blades.

I’ve shaved lots with those Gillette Mach 3 type razors, and I used to have a pretty good double edge safety razor (until I broke it), but I’ve never used a straight edge. So I went online to do a little research…

Here's how you hold the razor.

30 degrees...okay.

And here's the technique...they should have used a different color than red.

I also came across an online forum all about shaving with straight edge razors.

Here are some of the comments on the forum…

“I just completed my first straight razor shave about 20 mins ago. My god it was incredible. I didn’t really know what I was doing except to keep the blade at 30deg and go with the grain but nonetheless it was the best shave of my life. I’ve had smoother but this was seriously good fun to perform. I have to admit it got my heart racing a bit.”

“Congrats! Five months ago I was a Straight Razor Virgin also. And a 62 year old one at that! Now it’s my only way to shave. My beautiful face deserves it. Welcome.”

“Congrats, and remember the straight has the coolness factor cornered. I have met many women who think any man who is able to use a straight without loping his neck off is fanastically masculine and that’s what they want for themselves.”

Hmmm….I think I’ll stay off that forum.

Well, maybe I’ll wait till my wife gets home before my first attempt…just in case.