Old to New Poipet Photos

I came across some interesting pictures of Poipet while cleaning up my computer.

#1~I don't know how old this photo is, but it's quite old I think. If you took this photo, your back would be towards Thailand, and you would be looking into the beginnings of Poipet and Cambodia. That's a big idol standing in the middle of a round-about. All dirt roads.

#2~This photo is over ten years old. Now we are looking towards Thailand while standing on the road of the round-about. That big idol is standing just off camera to the right. The first photo was taken from straight ahead of the view of this photo. That arch-way being constructed is the start of an entrance to a new casino.

#3~This photo is taken from inside Poipet looking out towards Thailand. The idol can be seen, but now we are seeing the reverse side from what we see in the first photo. The red brick pillar seen on the far right of this photo (centered from top to bottom) is the archway under construction in the last photo. Now we see the casinos are dominating the scene.

#4~Now we are looking into Poipet again with Thailand at our back. Now we see there are lots of buildings, and the roads are paved. This is pretty much what Poipet looks like today, except that big idol is gone. I believe that the new railway is going to run straight through this round-about. It'll be interesting to see how they're going to do that! This is a busy spot.


Photo #1: This photo is from Cambodia.com

Photo #2: This photo is from this website. (This is a good page. I recommend you scroll down, and look at all the photos they have of Cambodia–Cambodia has actually changed quite a bit since these photos where taken).

Photo #3: I’m quite certain this photo was taken by Joel Reimer.

Photo #4: I honestly have no idea where I got this photo from.