Liberty Defined by Ron Paul

I just finished reading Ron Paul’s Liberty Defined. This is an interesting manifesto as to what he would do if elected president of the USA.

I’m Canadian, so what do I care about US politics? Well, when you live in a world dominated by the States (the American Empire) is good to follow their politics to at least some degree.

Ron Paul is a conservative who is best known for his strong plea to return to the US constitution and to how the founding Fathers envisioned the country.

He wants small government that stays out of the lives of the citizens. He wants a military that stays close to home and does not interfere in the affairs of other countries.

He wants the United States to become the republic that it was designed to be–sovereign states bound together by a constitution which protects the freedoms of the people, and a presidency whose main purpose is to defend the constitution.

Ron Paul has a large internet following. He has a strong youth following too. People like him because he is very convicted, he is consistent, he speaks with authority, and he is educated. Many people believe he could never be elected as president because his views are too radical (he’s also in his mid-seventies).

It’s a good book and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in American politics and history.

Below is a video of Ron Paul in action. There are dozens and dozens more videos like this on YouTube.

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