Cut the Crap

How often does a good thing become a bad thing just because too much crap gets in the way? It’s the leader’s responsibility to clean up and get the crap out of the way. It’s a dirty job but somebody has to do it. This is what a good king does. He removes the crap and creates an environment for flourishing.

Here is an excerpt of a good article about creating a positive, thriving environment…

As a leader a key part of your job is to create a work environment that is good to work in.

Uncertainty, worry, and unnecessary complexity all drain energy and trust out of the organization. If you want to create an environment where your people can thrive, you need to actively and continually remove the sand that creeps into gears.

Here are some ideas to get rid of the de-motivating crap.

Remove uncertainty:
• Make, clarify, and communicate decisions.
• Don’t let questions and rumors fester.
• Don’t leave people to wonder what is important, or which direction to go.

Remove negativity:
• Discourage unproductive, negative talk. No one can complain without offering a proposal.
• Eliminate people who drain energy out of the organization.
• Remove any managers who are bullies, or who block communication.

Be accountable:
• Have clear plans with measures and accountability.
• Address missed deadlines with consequences and action plans. (You’d be surprised how much positive energy this creates.)
• Face up to, and fix broken strategies.

Click here for source.

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