Answering 7 Common Objections to Long-Term Missions

I came across a good article today. Some Christians today are opposed to long-term western missionaries. This article speaks to that opinion.

Answering 7 Common Objections to Long-Term Missions
by Ben Stevens

During almost 500 meetings I set up to raise support for service in Germany, I glimpsed a snapshot of current evangelical sentiment towards long-term, cross-cultural ministry. Many exciting things are happening today in the evangelical world, whether in short-term ministry, church planting, or expanding our social consciousness. Yet I cannot escape the conclusion that a major change in the tides has come to the evangelical world regarding missions. Time and time again I encountered intelligent people, both laymen and pastors, who argued passionately that long-term, cross-cultural work is “no longer the way God does things.”

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2 responses to “Answering 7 Common Objections to Long-Term Missions

  1. Great article Harley, much of this damage has been done by men like K.P. Yohanan (a great man of God) appealing to the sensible greed of western Christians. “You can support a local minister for $50 per month instead of the thousands it costs you to sustain that ineffective westerner.” In fact, gospel for Asia supports cross-cultural missionaries (I know some) but not if you are white 😮 This attitude is rampant in our churches, resulting in several of our missionaries with no financial support from their home churches. You have a great home church Harley, one of the best I know of.

    • Yes, K.P. Yohanan is a great man of God. I read one of his books and I heard him speak at a conference in Edmonton once. For a time I supported one of his missionaries through GFA. But I disagree with his throwing all potential western missionaries into one bag and labeling them ineffective. In Cambodia there are ways I can reach the people that a local simply could not do. That is an advantage we have to use.

      That’s right about my home church. They have always been very supportive of me and my family here in Poipet. I’m looking forward to seeing them all again soon.

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