From Siam to Suez

“From Siam to Suez” is a journal written by a traveller through Asia in the early 1900s. James Saxon Childers is his name, and I would guess he wrote this journal post WW1, pre WW2. It’s 258 pages long, and is an interesting, enjoyable read.

The author is a gifted writer. He writes the journal as though he were writing a piece of fiction. The book is full of well described details with a poetic flavor.

The details of his journey start with a visit to Angkor Wat in Cambodia. From there he travels through Thailand (then Siam), Indonesia, Burma, India, and then Egypt.

This book can be purchased on Amazon as a reprint. But, as it is in the public domain, it can be read and downloaded online free and legal.

Click here to read it online.

A great book! I highly recommend it, especially if you’re into travel.


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