The Stand-Up Desk

I was inspired recently while reading an article about Winston Churchill and how he liked to use a stand-up desk in his office.

photo (7)

I decided I’d like one of my own, and would attempt to make it myself.

There are three things that limit my ability to do good wood-working:

1) In Poipet I have limited access to good/proper/required tools.

2) In Poipet I have limited access to good/proper/required materials.

3) I am not a carpenter.

I looked up some pictures online of some stand-up desks and found two I liked.

two desks

So, with a little pain, sweat, and tears (no blood) I was able to build this one. It’s a bit rough and crude, and one of the legs mysteriously ended up being shorter than the other three, but I am happy with it and enjoy using it. It’s made from plywood and wood normally used for floor boards in traditional Cambodian houses. The black top is rubber normally used to make walls for shacks in the slums.

desk 001

Next project: a table saw?

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