13 Leadership Traits I’d Like to Have

This is by no means an exhaustive list. I’m in the middle of reading a leadership book now (which is unusual because I don’t like leadership books) and it got me thinking about what I’d want people to see in me if I was their leader.


1) One who has the answers, or can get them.

2) One who can speak for and defend his people in difficult times.

3) One who shepherds and teaches and knows strategy.

4) One who is not arbitrary–ie. makes decisions based on selfish preference or simple convenience.

5) One who puts a quick end to gossip.

6) One who keeps his word and holds others to theirs.

7) One who has access to the resources (which can be a lot of things, but always includes money), and has the authority to distribute those resources.

8) One who knows what’s going on in every corner of the organization–especially the parts that are under his leadership, but also the parts that aren’t when possible.

9) One who thinks deeply about the title he’s been given and makes sure that that title is warranted, is being lived up to, and not expecting a whole lot of loyalty if it isn’t.

10) One who is never heard to speak in a petty and spiteful manner about anyone. This doesn’t mean being Mr Nice all the time–sometimes tough things need to be said, but never in a petty/spiteful manner.

11) One who is in good standing with his leaders/superiors.

12) One who can keep his composure. No one likes walking on glass.

13) One, who, when walks into the room, people’s spirits are lifted and they are excited and proud about their work because their leader can do all of the above.

That is the kind of leader I want to be, and I can’t see myself following anyone who couldn’t cover most of those either.

4 responses to “13 Leadership Traits I’d Like to Have

  1. something is missing on this list – maybe I missed it – I would also need to be a follower of someone, maybe have a team of people I am accountable to at least – does that make sense?

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