The Christian Worldview and Education

I am currently reading up and studying about Christian education. As we plan for the future of our work in Poipet, I want our school to be a strong, true, discipleship-making power-house. This requires having a proper Christian worldview and the ability to teach it.

Here is an excerpt of one Christian education book I’m reading which deals with this subject:

“Fundamental to Christian worldview thinking is the biblical notion of the antithesis. An antithesis is a sharp juxtaposition of two claims or views. Part of thinking like a Christian means that we aim to rid our outlook of all non-Christian assumptions about the world, history, human nature, knowledge, science, the arts, and every other subject. In its place we seek understanding from God’s revelation on each and every concern, for in Christ ‘are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge’ (Col. 2:3).

To be a Christian is to be in constant, total war. We have no say in the matter, and no one is exempt from serving. This war is not just some sideline feature of the Christian life. It is the Christian life. Every step toward seeing ‘every knee bow’ before the Lord of glory is an act of war, whether in faithfulness or in hatred. Until that point, the war is ruthless and relentless. The horrific enemy onslaught never ceases.

This war is not only constant but total, unconfined, and overwhelming. It is not limited to the daily fight against our own sin but encompasses everything within and without. It is not limited to our own or any one time but rages in every corner of history. It is not limited to our own flesh-and-blood world and history but is driven by dark clashes in heavenly places.

And as this battle moves us along, killing and maiming, crushing and roaring, much of contemporary Christianity fights with bumper stickers and self-esteem seminars. As the enemy smiles and schemes to ravage our children and decapitate our churches, we try to play down our differences with our attackers and use their institutions as models for our own. As they mock Christ to His face, we learn to relax, take a joke, and create a more entertaining worship atmosphere. The only thing worse than being cut to death in the middle of a war is having it happen without realizing it.”

~”Classical Education and The Home School”, by Callahan, Jones, and Wilson, Chapter 7

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