Contemporvant (Video)

This is a funny video. I remember sitting in on a youth meeting at a modern church and the kids were watching a video about how church can be cool today, and fun. One scene in the video showed the inside of a traditional church with wooden pews and a pipe organ. One of the kids yelled out “Yuck!” Everyone laughed. It annoyed me. It annoyed me because it’s foolish to think that, for the last two thousand years, the world has been waiting for the contemporary church, and before that everything was just “Yuck!”

It’s good to reasonably contextualize to the culture, but that does not mean we cast off our history as something undesirable. In fact, I think if a historical Christian came forward to our time and saw a modern worship service, he would probably say “Yuck!”, or some other variant of that word: “Igitt!”

“‘It’s medieval,’ I exclaimed; for I still had all the chronological snobbery of my period and used the names of earlier periods as terms of abuse” ~C. S. Lewis