It Flows Down…

If you’ve noticed gossip and dissension poisoning the relationships between you and your teammates perhaps one reason for it is because there is too low an opinion of the leadership.

When the Israelites complained against Moses the Bible tells us they were actually complaining against God. Their opinion of God was low and so their opinion of Moses was low.

We can then assume that if your opinion of your leaders is low, your opinion of your co-workers will be low also.

You base your opinion on God by who He is: perfect and all powerful. You’re always wrong and He’s always right. Done.

Your leaders are not perfect and all powerful. But you can’t base your opinion of them on their faults. You have to base your opinion on the authority they’ve been given by God–who is perfect and all powerful.

It flows down–a low opinion of God leads to a low opinion of your leaders. A low opinion of your leaders leads to a low opinion of your co-workers.

(and yourself?)

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