White-Lipped Pit Viper

I killed one of these guys trying to come into our yard the other day. I was sitting outside in the evening reading a book. I got up to go inside, and I saw this guy coiled around the back gate. I pushed him out with a stick. I walked around the back with a shovel and cut him up into four pieces. Even after his head was cut off he was biting at the shovel. He wasn’t very big, but still creepy. This kind of snake is venomous, but the bites are rarely fatal. He’s called a White-Lipped Pit Viper.

3 responses to “White-Lipped Pit Viper

  1. Well I think I’ll take -35C weather over those things any day.

    Nice to hear you got him though. How do you even keep those things out?

  2. Pretty sad to see that people still resort to killing animals instead of having them humanely removed/relocated by professional wildlife trappers. We are the intruders encroaching on their homeland, not the other way around. The irony here is glaringly obvious too, someone trying to spread the gospel turns and kills one of his spectacular creations without a second thought or any apparent guilt/remorse.

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