From Atheism to Passionate Christianity

There are many people who simply deny the existence of God (atheism). There are some who say, not only do they not believe in God, but if God were to be proven to them they still wouldn’t submit to God (anti-theism). There are many others who will admit the likely existence of God, but will not agree that we can know God (agnosticism). Christians and atheists/agnostics can debate forever about whether or not God exists, and never come to an agreement. Why is this, and what does the Bible have to say about it? Below is a 30 min. audio where Dr R C Sproul discusses the “Psychology of Atheism”.

The Psychology of Atheism from harleyandmakara on Vimeo.

But, after one decides that they will indeed believe in God, is this enough? Or does one have to make further decisions where they’ll have to take “leaps of faith”, and live life that is beyond what is considered normal? A true follower of Christ is required to be a passionate follower, not just a spectator being entertained. Below is another 30 min. audio by Dr R C Sproul where he talks about Soren Kierkegaard, and living the passionate Christian life.

Soren Kierkegaard from harleyandmakara on Vimeo.

As the story goes Soren Kierkegaard’s father, Michael Kierkegaard, grew up as a poor serf. One day while working, Michael cursed God because of his family’s poverty. After Michael married and started a family. Michael also became a wealthy man. As his children grew up none of them were living past the age of 33. Michael was convinced that this was because God was punishing him for when he cursed God in his youth. Jesus was crucified at the age of 33, so now God was taking all his children at the age of 33. He decided to devote young Soren to God, and always kept a close watch on the boy. Soren did live past 33, and spent his life living off his father’s fortune and writing Christian philosophical books.

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