I think I am going to give the memorization of scripture a greater priority. It is difficult, and it can be boring to do, but I think it pays of in the long run. The Bible says we are to renew our minds (Romans 12:2). By renewing our minds we stop thinking like the world, and we start to think like God. Maybe I’ll start with memorizing Proverbs. Here is a PDF Booklet with helpful guidelines to memorizing scripture: Scripture-Memory-Booklet. If you’re also interested in memorizing scripture, it may help you out.

Makara and I are just about finished with hosting a team from Canada, and then we’ll be taking a little break for the Khmer New Year. I’ll post some pics of the team’s visit on the VCC website soon.

I’ve learned how to build a Bamboo wall. I’ll be building a Bamboo wall at our other piece of land after the Khmer New Year. The wall will enclose the entire property. After it’s up we’ll be able to start some of the farming projects we’ve been thinking about. I’m looking forward to just being able to work with my hands, and do some good old construction work again!

I’ll post pics once I get started on the wall!

God Bless!!

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