The Chicken Experiment Part One

The Chicken Experiment Part One…Makara and I are moving forward in what we believe will be a very profitable venture. Chickens! We will also try other farming type things as well (ducks, vegetables, maybe grasshoppers). We are starting on a small scale using the lot of land we purchased right next to our house.

The first step is to build up our land higher than the road and surrounding areas to provide proper drainage, and prevent flooding. Next we’ll build a bamboo wall, and go from there…

Anyways…here’s a little video to show the work getting started…

Chickens Part One from harleyandmakara on Vimeo.

One response to “The Chicken Experiment Part One

  1. looks great Harley! cant wait to see it once its done and you have the chickens!
    Makara looks great too!

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