A Bird’s Eye View

Here are some interesting statistical maps I found while doing some research online…

This one shows where all the people are. The darker the color, the more the people.

This one shows where all the wealth is. Light blue=rich; yellow=poor. Cambodia~poor.

This one shows where all the young people are. Cambodia~avg. age is 20-25yrs.

This one shows where all the good education is. Cambodia~70-80% Literate.

This shows where the best health care is. The numbers on the side show a country's avg. life expectancy. Cambodia~50+ yrs old life expectancy.

And this one shows where people have lost interest in a supernatural God/gods. Cambodia~average.

So what does this all mean?

Well, what I see is:

*A Europe and a North America that will see a declining population in the near future.

*An Asia that will dominate the world’s population more than ever.

*A demand for the western churches to use their education and wealth to train up new leaders in the Asian world, and send missionaries to facilitate the planting of churches, the building of Christian schools, hospitals, etc…

It looks as though the western world is just looking to enjoy it’s wealth, without more children, and to not let God get in the way of that. Meanwhile the poor nations see children as assets to the family so they have more; they desperately seek God because they live in a state that is more physically in tune with the true spiritual condition of the whole world.

The scary part is that we all only seem to pursue God when things are difficult, and are quick to forget Him when things are well.

“How quickly we forget God’s great deliverances in our lives. How easily we take for granted the miracles he performed in our past.”~David Wilkerson

Anyways, all this is just something to think about.

How do we plan our futures when we see things from a bird’s eye view?

“As I travel, I have observed a pattern, a strange historical phenomenon of God ‘moving’ geographically from the Middle East, to Europe to North America to the developing world. My theory is this: God goes where He’s wanted.”~Philip Yancey (quoted from “The Next Christendom” by Philip Jenkins)

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