A Means to an End

My evening English class...

These days I am teaching English four times a day. My largest class averages about twelve to eighteen students (at one point it got up to 25 students, but that was too chaotic, so I cut it down).

The whole purpose of these English classes is to get to know more people and develop some long lasting relationships. The classes are a means to an end.

As soon as something you created to be a means to an end becomes an end in itself, it’s probably time to kill it. As soon as these English classes become just English classes, I’m killing them.

I noticed that a couple of my students from the larger class were very eager to study and learn more. I mentioned that I would be willing to take some extra time to teach them in a small class, with just the two of them. They happily accepted.

So now the three of us are meeting for an extra hour each day in the evening. It’s still just an English class, nothing more. Again, the whole purpose is to take the time to build some long lasting relationships.

I’m very happy that I am being given the opportunity to be doing the work that I’m doing in Poipet. God is good.