I Love Poipet City

About twenty five Christian leaders came together on the 25th of April for an encouragement seminar and prayer meeting. This is the first of many meetings in a program called “I Love Poipet City”. The goal of this program is to strengthen the existing churches, and to be a launching point for new church plants here in Poipet.

Poipet desperately needs Holy Spirit filled, strong, unified churches. The Church is God’s plan A, and He doesn’t have a plan B. I am happy to see different Christian leaders coming together for prayer and encouragement. We all know that God has big things He wants to do in Poipet, and we don’t want to miss our opportunity to reach this city with the Gospel.

Poipet city is growing and developing more each day. Dirt roads are turning into concrete roads. Land is being sectioned off and developed for more homes and businesses. Main street is getting busier and louder. As this city grows, its influence grows on the surrounding areas. We want to see this city become a strong force for the Gospel in this part of Cambodia.

This campaign is being overseen and organized by Charles McCaul–an American missionary who has served in Cambodia for about 13 years. Check out his website and his blog.

Our next meeting is in May. We are expecting great things!

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