Submission Within the Trinity

When we look at the Trinity we see the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Three Persons, one God. Three Persons who are all equal to each other. The Father is not greater than the Son or the Holy Spirit, they are all equal. Yet, the Son submits to the Father, and the Holy Spirit submits to the Father and the Son. Why does one member of the Trinity submit to the other(s)? Because each member is different from the others, and has a different role. Submission is required in order for there to be unity within the Trinity.

Therefore, we now know that when a human being is required to submit to another human being it is not because one is more valuable than the other. It is because people are different, and we all have different roles. In order for there to be unity there needs to be submission of some to others. All are equal.

So when the Bible teaches that a woman must submit to her husband it is for unity, not to determine who is worth more than the other. A man, in order to keep that same unity, is commanded to serve his wife (love her like Christ loved the Church).

Submission is for unity, not to determine value.

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