Good Christian TV?

Here are links to a couple of articles I read by Phil Cooke.

Both are about Christian Television and Media.

Give them a read…

10 Commandments of Starting a Media Ministry

Aside from directing and producing numerous television programs and films, over the years I’ve also had the opportunity to help various churches and ministries begin media outreaches. From weekly television programs, to one-hour specials, to television commercial and advertising campaigns, I’ve worked with all types of Christian organizations, helping them take a message of hope to a culture desperately in need. In most cases, when I receive a call from a pastor, evangelist, or other ministry leader, their primary concern is usually about equipment –
“What equipment should I use?”
“Should I lease or purchase?”
“Should I videotape my Sunday service or use a local studio?”
“What about used equipment?”

These questions are important, but I’ve discovered over the years that they aren’t nearly as important as 10 fundamental areas I call…

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Making Religious TV Work

My last post about Fox Faith got some people thinking about the fact that the secular studios and networks are investing millions in reaching the Christian audience, and yet many (if not most) explicitly Christian networks and stations have been screwing it up for years. Why can’t we do better? A number of people have been passing e-mails around about the subject, and I’d like you to start posting them here so a larger audience can join the conversation. First up is from Mark Dreistadt, featuring “10 Truths About Christian Television”. Do you agree or disagree? Let us know…

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