Three Short Videos About What’s Happening in Poipet

1) “7 Weeks in Asia” will be visiting us in August. We’ll put them to work at our school, and in the slums areas.

June 29, 2012 from conmedal on Vimeo.

2) A new church will be launched here in Poipet on July 1. This will be a non-denominational church launched by Charles McCaul. Although Charles is not moving to Poipet, he will be visiting regularly to get things started. The purpose of this new church plant is to create a strong life-giving church here in Poipet, to strengthen existing churches, and to be a launching point for new churches in this city. My wife and I fully support the planting of this new church.

3) The “I Love Poipet City” campaign continues and is gaining momentum. Christian leaders are receiving good Biblical training at these monthly meetings.

2 responses to “Three Short Videos About What’s Happening in Poipet

  1. Exciting things happening on the Cambodian western front! Keep up the good work Harley and Makara, we love you guys.

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