Some great works being done by Steve Hyde and his team in Poipet. Check it out…

Jungle Adventures

Nearly three years ago God spoke to me about Poipet being a gateway in the spiritual as it is in the natural (the busiest border crossing in Cambodia). Since that time we started our Imparting Smiles children center to help children.  We started two companies (construction company and plantation), we are building a women’s center called the Imparting Smiles Hope Center, and are in the process of launching a Christian school soon as well.  However, Poipet is a new city, even though it is Cambodia’s fastest growing city with more than 10,000-20,000 people added to the population each year.  As you drive around town, though I know there are many Christians, you will not see more than a little catholic church.
God has been speaking to me about a church which is not affiliated with any denomination or specific group, but one which loves the community at its core and one…

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