Are You Qualified?

Do you know how to take orders from someone more experienced than you? Even when he’s a prideful jerk? Do you know how to give orders to someone with less experience than you without being a prideful jerk? Do you know how to learn something new and immediately put it into practice? Do you know how to teach someone to do the same?

Do you know how to do two or three jobs at the same time without compromising quality? Do you know how to use the least amount of resources while still meeting the requirements of the job? Do you know how to delegate work while still keeping yourself active? Do you know how to gain the trust of those who are giving you money because they can see you’re not wasteful and stupid with their money? Are you truthful, or do you make up numbers and stories to make yourself look good?

Are you able to explain yourself to your team so that they know what you expect of them and aren’t second guessing themselves because you did such a piss-poor job of clearly explaining what you want done? Do you listen well? Do you ask questions so that you are not misunderstanding what’s being told to you? Are you prompt in answering emails?

Do you want me to stop asking questions?

Does your work shine with the glory of God? Is your work straight and level? Can you step back after you’ve finished a job and feel satisfied that there is nothing more you could do to make it better? Does it bother you when you can’t answer yes to the last question?

Can you swing a hammer? Use a drill? Fix bad plumbing? Change a tire? Can you change the ballast in a florescent light? Can you catch rats? Can you make a budget that really works? Do you know how to use a spreadsheet program? Can you build your own website?

Do you laugh at death while standing at the top of a 30′ extension ladder on a windy day? Do you understand that the little line I put behind 30 in the last question means “foot”? Do you think it’s cool when you bleed? Do you have to buy the best and most expensive tools because the cheap versions can’t handle your rough use of them? Do you have what it takes to put a sick dying puppy out of its misery?

Do you love Jesus over all else? Do you trust Jesus over all else? Do you feel sorrow when you can’t answer yes to the last two questions? Do you love your wife? Your kids? Would you be willing to give up your life’s work if it was destroying your family? Do you consider looking at porn the same as cheating on your wife?

Are you okay with using a bathroom that’s nothing more than a hole in the ground in a small room made with rubber walls with a ceiling only 5 feet tall and no locking door?

Do you want me to go on?

Do you want to be a missionary in Cambodia?

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