Child Protection in Cambodia

I remember when I was in school, every so often a guest speaker would come and teach us about various different problems affecting society: child abuse, sexual abuse, AIDS, and more.

I always understood how important it was to have people with knowledge to come and teach about these things. We needed to be made aware so that all of us would be able to make the right decisions when faced with any one of those problems.

I was able to attend a child protection seminar this week. The course was taught by two ladies from Chab Dai (“Chab Dai” means “Holding Hands” in Khmer). Learning about child protection issues in Cambodia will help us to protect all the children that will come into our church in the future. I am very happy to see these kinds of programs in Cambodia!

Here are some photos of the seminar…

The Teachers

Makara and her mom cooked lunch for all of us

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