Finishing the Mission

“Since we are talking about finishing the mission, I would tweak the question: Not: How can we serve the exploding church of the Global South? But: How can we be faithful, fruitful partners in serving the global mission of Jesus to proclaim the gospel of salvation to all the unreached peoples of the world?

Among the many answers to that question would be:

1. wake up to the existence of the global church;
2. don’t think that sending them money to do the mission can replace God’s call on Western Christians to go;
3. don’t assume we can do the mission better or alone, and don’t assume they can either;
4. listen to each other for the distinctive strengths each brings;
5. be informed of the work of others among any group or area you feel called to go;
6. pray for biblically faithful fruitfulness of all missions;
7. be humble and ready to be last—who will one day be first.

~John Piper

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