Sleepless in the Tenth Dimension

It’s 1:45 am and I can’t sleep because I can’t stop coughing. So I thought I’d watch some videos on YouTube while I wait for the coughing to stop and I can go back to bed.

Here is an interesting one…

Now I think it’s pretty cool how we, who live in the third dimension, can fully see the two dimensions below us (namely dimensions one and two), and can partly see the dimension above us (dimension four). Just as someone living in the second dimension could only see cross sections of the third dimension, we can only see cross sections of the fourth dimension, which is time. So then if I could get up to the fifth dimension I could see all of time, past, present, and future, all at once.

Or could I? It’s all just theory. A lot of assumptions are made. Especially when you get up to the tenth dimension, where all possible universes that could exist do exist. Think about that–anything that could happen does happen in another universe.That means there is a universe where everything is exactly the same as this universe except that I chose to wear my black socks instead of my blue socks today. The possibilities are endless. Many science fiction novels, shows, and movies have used this idea to make some good story lines.

Anyways, it’s something deep to think about the next time you’re trying to fall asleep.

Now the mosquitoes have found me sitting at my desk, and I’ve stopped coughing, so I’m going back to bed.

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