Facebook Proverbs

Here are some good lessons I’ve learned (or re-learned) in the last couple of months–compressed down into facebook statuses for your convenience…

* Don’t waste time trying to please anyone who has self appointed themselves with the title of “Watch-Dog”. They have no authority.

* In missions, the people with the resources tend to disagree with the ones who have the “on the field” knowledge, and vice versa. But there is an easy solution: the best visions for missions are always cast from the bottom up, not the top down.

* It’s great if you have knowledge, experience, “street smarts”, and diligence–but without the continual guidance of the Holy Spirit, you’re just a practical atheist.

* Choose your friends wisely–chances are you don’t need anymore help in feeling discouraged.

* It’s a fine line between helpful advice and just voicing your opinion. It’s an even finer line between voicing your opinion and harmful criticism.

* Value your relationships over your opinions.

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