Yesterday and today I made a bit of a cross-country trip on my motorbike through Cambodia on the highway. The section of highway I was on has a max. speed limit of 60kph (which no one adheres to). It’s single lane, and full of various life threatening hazards. There are cows, old ladies on bikes, kids on bikes, kids and old ladies crossing the road, iron buffaloes (big slow moving trucks), and lots of chickens and dogs. And then there’s the fact that most Cambodian drivers do not look before turning, pulling out onto the highway, or doing an unexpected u-turn. I was driving a small Honda Dream, so the fastest I ever dared to go was 60-80kph, but even at those speeds you can not let your attention go for a half a second.

I went to visit the “Not4Sale” team. They are preparing to open their first facility for children who have been taken out of brothels. A couple from Canada, Kelly and Joy-Lynn Stickle–pastors of a Victory church in Lethbridge, came over to join the opening ceremony of the facility. It’s a great group of people who have come together to do this important work.

Check out these links to learn more about the people involved…

Carin McCoy

Patrick Meir


Kelly and Joy-Lynn Stickle

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