Counterfeit Gods by Tim Keller

The Gospel…does not work directly on the emotions or the will. The Gospel asks, What is operating in the place of Jesus Christ as your real, functional salvation and Savior? (pg 174)

I’ve recently finished reading a book called “Counterfeit Gods” by Tim Keller.

The purpose of this book is to point out, to modern people, that idol worship is not just old testament people bowing down to statues, but that idol worship is something that we all do, and that we are often not even aware of it.

Keller doesn’t just label idols as bad things in your life, but rather he describes idols as good things in your life which you have turned into ultimate things.

It is an easy book to read, and it is not very long either. It is a simple book, but deceptively simple–as is the norm for Tim Keller. That is one of his gifts: to take a deep and profound concept, and present it in a very simple way.

After reading this book, I have been able to identify some pretty major idols in my life that I didn’t even see before–even though they were right in my face.

I recommend this book to anyone seeking a deeper relationship with Christ–which can only happen when you replace your idols with Christ.

“Counterfeit Gods” on

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