Western Missionaries Need Western Support

There are a lot of great programs out there that allow you to give to all sorts of different projects. We all love to give to these projects because we can see exactly where our money goes, and see the fruit in the lives of the people who are being helped by these projects.

But always remember–if it weren’t for the western missionaries, none of these programs or projects would exist.

Often, money given to projects goes to the project alone, and not to the missionary who created the project.

Please remember the western missionaries.

Please watch the video, and read the comment(s) below and share your thoughts.

One response to “Western Missionaries Need Western Support

  1. One of our wonderful partners is a man who calls himself ‘A Low Maintenance Giver’, he says, “You don’t have to fill my mail box with stuff.” His family have supported for 30 years and one of my favourite conversations with him was, “Here’s a check, What are you going to use it for?” I replied, “To put food on my table.” We discussed the reality of supporting missionaries, how in the midst of all the wonderful, and easier to sell projects, we all have to stay alive to be here. Have a great Sunday.

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