Christian Video Websites are Pathetic

It doesn’t matter where you live in the world–if you’re a Christian doing what Jesus told you to do, you know you are right in the middle of a war zone. Now I went ahead and read the last pages of the book, and it turns out that Jesus wins. But even though we know the end result of the war, the battle still rages on, and we’ve received no orders that we can lay down our arms.

But check out the Christian video websites like “Godtube” or “GodVine”.

Here are some of the titles you’ll see:

“Dallas Cowboys Player Helps Trapped Ducklings One by One”

“American Idol – Colton Dixon Sings Everything”

“Four Year Old Plays Ukulele & Sings Jesus Loves The Little Children”

“Man Teaches his Dog to Say Grace”

“Pastor embarrassed when cell phone goes off in Church”

“Quite Possibly God’s Cutest Creation EVER”

It’s true that there is the occasional video that may be worth watching, but what I see are mostly videos about animals, kids, American Idol, and cheesy Christian comedy.

Anyways, the following article pretty much sums up what I think about Christian video websites… Growing at a Miraculous Rate

Huff Post Tech~by Peter White~September 18, 2007

True believers say that God is everywhere. While not everyone believes that, believe this: he’s online. And he’s popular. Maybe not as popular as McDonalds, but still. Faith-based YouTube clone GodTube had a 973% month-on-month growth in August according to Comscore. GodTube’s 3 million unique visitors have added over 800,000 hours of video, all religion based. Everything from comedy, to music, to annoying kids with webcams. Basically whatever YouTube’s got, but with a strange religious twist.

While it’s better than the door-to-door shirt and tie folk trying to convert you, it’s still not for everyone. It probably only appeals to those who already have a soft spot for Jesus, or those who find amusement in those who believe with all their heart. If you don’t fall into one of these two categories, you’ll likely experience anything from mild boredom to slight annoyance while on the site.

Source~Huff Post Tech

Here are a couple of Christian video sites that are worth watching:

Continuum Media

Missionary Films

One response to “Christian Video Websites are Pathetic

  1. One of the greatest preachers in the world today, Steve Gray, was banned from God Tube because his message was too radical: pictures of people giving their lives to Christ and being filled with the Spirit. His podcast on iTunes is a great blessing.

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